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In English

Welcome to the website of our school and thank you for your interest!

Dutch education has many different primary schools. You experience these differences when you enter different schools. In other respects, Dutch schools are also the same: every school strives for the best development for every child. All schools must also adhere to frameworks such as certain targets.

De Spiegel is a public primary school. That means that we have no religious background in our education. This is in contrast to, for example, Catholic schools. We are also a school with a regular concept. This means that we do not adhere to a specific concept such as a Montessori school. We use parts of different concepts in our education.

Our school has four important priorities:

1. The development of independence and executive functions

In our modern society it is becoming more important that children not only learn knowledge, but also learn skills that enable them to acquire knowledge themselves. At our school, from the first day , we pay attention to becoming independent and learning other skills such as collaboration, using resources and conducting research.

2. Meeting and getting to know each other

If you know each other well, you are in a safer environment and there you can learn better. We pay a lot of attention to getting to know each other through special activities, but also in the way we are and how we interact.

3. Presentation

Children at our school learn to present themselves. They present things to each other, to the group or to parents and other adults. In small situations but also on larger occasions. If you show who you are, it also means that you accept what someone is like. Respect for everyone's presentation is therefore essential.

4. Creative development

In addition to attention for knowledge, social skills and physical skills, we also pay a lot of attention to creative development. Not only creativity in solving problems, but also art and culture. Our children are the decision makers of the future. If we teach them that art and culture are important, we will make the world of tomorrow a much betterplace!

If you are interested in our school, do not hesitate to contact us. In an appointment we tell you all the information about the school and you can take a look in the building and in the classes. That way you can feel how our school can make a difference for your child and for the future!